Mountain Bike Racer – Team Velosport / Sho-Air ϟ Commercial Pilot ϟ Entrepreneur

Easy going, respectful, living every day to it’s fullest.  I am pescatarian (vegetarian +fish).

Born in Connecticut and have lived in Costa Rica, Barcelona, Spain and San Diego, California. I am a traveler, not a tourist.. I prefer to experience what it’s like to live in a place rather than just see all the attractions.

Latest Adventure

I just returned from a 45 day bicycle tour all over Europe. Started in London, rode in France, Belgium, The Netherlandz, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.. 🙂 It was an amazing, life changing ride, I’ve met so many interesting people and had so many terrific experiences…


For fun I fly airplanes / helicopters, race and ride bicycles, listen to live music, watch improv comedy shows, play guitar, relax with friends, exercise and travel.


I am very sensible and practical. I believe we create our own reality, might as well create one we enjoy.
“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.”

“There is no spoon.”

I love everyone.



La China is pronounced ‘la-key-na’.