Is a Cycling Coach Right For You?

To be a good cyclist takes a few certain innate personality traits—determination, perseverance, drive, and a willingness to endure much physical and mental

Richard La China

Richard La China | Racers and Chasers

pain. To be a great cyclist, one must have all of the qualities above, as well as an intense curiosity. A great cyclist always asks, “What can I do better and how can I do it better?”  Great cyclists scour their training and race data, as well as the latest books, magazines, and forums for answers that lead toreal, visible results: a podium finish, a personal best, or a qualifying time. For a lucky few, this tactic works. But for most of us mere mortals, an extra ingredient is needed.  Like Richard La China (detailed below) figured out, a Cycling Coach is the missing key and can provide the great, curious cyclist the springboard for success.

Richard La China started mountain bike racing as a junior.  He was great a rider whose natural talent and ever-present drive to improve led him to race in the expert category by his early twenties. Richard was having a great time racing but at some point, like many of us, Richard decided to take some time off to focus on other things in life.   That time off turned into 13 years off the bike.

Richard La China | Rim Nordic 2011 1st Place

Richard La China | Rim Nordic 2011 1st Place

In 2008, Richard decided it was time to return to cycling.  He re-kindled his passion (and his fitness) beginning with a cross bike and later transitioning back to a mountain bike.  In 2010 Richard entered the Rim Nordic Series as a Clydesdale and had a very competitive comeback, culminating with a 1st place overall in the series for his class.
Richard attempted to continue riding this wave of success the following race year, but found it difficult to compete in a new category—a 45 day European cycling trip resulted in a 30 pound weight loss, thus rendering him ineligible to compete in the Clydesdale class. Richard spent hours reading every bicycle magazine, blog, and training bible, trying to come up with a plan that would take him back to the podium, but nothing seemed to be working.  Finally, with three races left to go in the year’s US Cup Series, Richard decided that he couldn’t do it on his own, so he hired a Cycling coach.

Coach Jesse Eisner proved to be that elusive, missing link for Richard. Jesse helped him focus his race tactics, pacing strategies,

Richard La China | US Cup Vail Lake 2011

Richard La China | US Cup Vail Lake 2011

and develop his top end speed. By the end of the US Cup series, Richard had moved up rapidly and finished off his season with a win in the Rim Nordic stage race, as well as the 1st place overall Rim Nordic series.

Richard and his coach have worked hard to address his weaknesses and all of that hard work has paid off.

“Richard La China is a dedicated and disciplined cyclist. He is eager to learn and always looking for feedback. He takes his training and racing seriously and it shows in his performance.” ~Jesse Eisner

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About Jesse Eisner:
Jesse is a USA Cycling certified coach, and a cat 3 racer.  He has also coached collegiate and elite cycling teams, and works with cyclists ranging from weekend warriors to beginners and professionals racers across multiple disciplines. 

If you are ready to work hard and need a coach to help guide you, encourage you, and help you reach your goals, we know that we can help you.  
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