Rim Nordic XC Final | Race Recap

Rim Nordic XC Final 08/21/2011

A quick recap about my race at the Rim Nordic series final this past weekend..

I started strong with my teammate Moises Molina (Team Velosport / Sho-Air) — we left the start in 4 and 5th position (I was in 4th). As we go to the 1st climb, I was passed by another rider, moving me to 5th. Then Moises passed me, I rode his wheel up 1/2 of the climb and all of sudden he went hard right to avoid hitting a rider in the middle of the climb with a mechanical issue.

I was not as lucky as Moises (or as good of a rider) and I was unable to get around and almost hit the disabled rider. I scrambled and got going again and pushed my way around several riders that had just passed me.

I worked my way back up to having Moises back in sight — he had moved up to position 3 or 4 at this point. I kept pushing and saw Jeff Lewis (was leading from the start, great rider) was down, crashed hard, broken saddle (among other things). This put me in #5 (or so), still pushing to catch up with Moises — he and the other race leaders were in site (but still far away) on the top part of the course.

Quick note, myself, Jeff Lewis and Adam Mccamish were tied for first for the overall series at Rim Nordic. This race was the deciding factor.

I kept the power on and reached the descent. I know I am fast here (I won the Super D the day prior on this part of the XC course) so I pulled out all the stops and hammered down the single track and then.. BAMM, Flat tire!!!! I hit a rock hard and completely blew out the tire.

I was riding a tubeless tires with a tube in it. I know, know.. that’s what I get for being lazy. This was the same tire that flatted the day prior on my pre-ride recon prior to the super-d. I choose to ride it in this race with the tube because it did fine the day prior on the super d. Typically I would never run a tube in a tire in an XC race (pinch flats). Lesson learned.

It took me almost 10 mins to get this tire repaired (nightmare). I got it to the point is was ridable and rode it back to my truck to put some more air in it. Aired it up and jumped back on the bike — riding through the parking lot a spectator walked in front of my as I was headed for the track entrance. I grabbed the brakes to avoid hitting them and ended up crashing right there — in the parking lot, ug.

At this point, I had nothing left in me. Regardless I got back on the track and worked my way back up for an 11th place finish. Jeff (broken saddle guy), also stopped and taped his saddle – he finished 8th (3rd overall for the series).

Moises Molina finished 1st, Adam Mccamish finished 2nd for the race. Although this race was a bummer, I managed to finish 2nd overall for the series (CAT 35-39). Great race regardless, I am lucky to have these experiences — can’t wait for the next one.